Internship Program

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Kiipo is dedicated to providing opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute alongside our full-time staff on real world projects. These are not coffee-fetching gigs! We genuinely value our interns as they work beside our full-time staff to solve problems and make significant impacts on Kiipo’s culture and projects. While not guaranteed, many interns have later become Kiipo employees. Interning at Kiipo is an exciting chance to develop whilst having lots of fun.

We currently have position available for :

  • Software Engineers
  • Designers (UX, UI, Graphic, Animation)

Our intern hiring differs based on our needs but even if we don’t have roles that match your skillset at a particular time send us your resume anyway so we can contact you if something suitable becomes available.

Working At Kiipo :

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Great annual leave, start with 14 days!
  • We work in both English and Chinese

The Fun Stuff :

  • PS4 and VR room
  • Spacious office layout
  • Free snacks!

How to Apply:

If you would like to apply, please send an email with the subject line “Internship Program” to
In your application, please include (in English or Chinese) :

  • your resume
  • 2-3 samples of your work or portfolio (if applicable)
  • 3 reasons why we should hire you

We often receive many applications for our positions, and are not able to reply personally to every one. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kiipo的實習生可不是來打雜的! Kiipo是個活潑開放的新創,我們重視團隊裡的每個夥伴。我們希望除了能提供實習生接觸業界的管道,也能提供實習生和團隊一起學習、成長的環境。我們相信工作和樂趣是可以並存的,所以,不管你是想要增進自己的專業、或是和我們的創意團隊激盪腦力,都歡迎你聯繫我們!

目前實習名額 :

  • 軟體工程實習生
  • 設計實習生 (UX, UI, Graphic, Animation)


待遇 :

  • 薪資中等以上,面議
  • 上班時間彈性,效率比工時重要多了,挑個精神最好的時間來上班吧
  • 一上班就有年休有薪假14天 (佛心!)
  • 有很多練習英文對話的機會! (不用怕,我們中英都通,也有人可以練習法文噢)

其他福利 :

  • PS4,VR遊戲室,歡迎帶遊戲來分享
  • 團隊人數精簡,每人的辦公空間很大
  • 免費零食!! 上班不再肚子餓

應徵方式 :

如果對Kiipo的職缺有興趣,請以”Kiipo實習計畫” 為標題,寄信至 “Hello@Kiipo.Com
  • 你的履歷
  • 2到3項你的作品紀錄或工作簡歷
  • 3個Kiipo要僱用你的理由
  • 和我們談談 “你認為最有可能改變未來醫學發展的科技是什麼?” 300字